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molded case circuit breaker

JVM1 Series Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

Time:2018-08-05 11:10:29


Category:molded case circuit breaker

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JVM1(CM1) Series Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

JVM1 series moulded case circuit breaker is one of products developed andmanufactured by 

adopting international advanced technology.It is supplied with rated insulating voltage 800V and 

used for circuit of A.C.50Hz, rated operating voltage AC 400V (or below),rated operating current 

up to 800A for infrequent changing over and starting of the motors. The products con-forms to

IEC 60947-2 stamdard.



Protection Characteristic

The thermodynamic release of a circuit breaker provides the feature of inverse time-delay,while the magnetic release is the instantaneous operation as shown on table 2(distribution circuit breaker) and table2 (motor protection circuit breaker).