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Thermal Overload Relay

LR2-D Thermal Overload Relay

Time:2018-08-25 11:03:05


Category:Thermal Overload Relay

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LR2-D Thermal Overload Relay

ApplicationThis series of thermal overload relay can be used in the circuit of 50Hz kr 60Hz, rated insulation voltage 660V, rated current 0.1-9sA for protecting the phase bresk when the electric motor isoverload. The relay has different mechanism and temperature compensation & can be pluged inLC1-D series AC contactor. It is the most advanced thermal relay in the nineties in the world. The products comply with IEC60947-4.


a. Fundamental parameter of the main circuit

(a). Rated insulation voltage 660V.

(b). Rated working current 25、35、93A separately.

(c). The regulator seal of rated setting current.

(d). Current of the thermal component(see list 1)

b. Auxiliary Circuit

(a).There is one pair of N/O and N/C contact with electric insulation.

(b). Rated insulation voltage 550V.

(c). Rated frequency 50-60Hz.

(d). Use group, rated working voltage, conventional thermal current and rated current.